ITALY CRONO 600KG Sliding Gate Motor

RM 1,400.00

Electromechanical irreversible gear motor for sliding gates of up to 600Kg, available in 230V.
Sturdy structure in die-cast aluminum treated with anti-corrosive paint and weather-resistant cover. The HS (“High Speed“) electrical motor and the new double input reduction gearing set, made in bronze and aluminum alloy, enable to reach 20 m/min speed, ensuring reliability and safety also in the event of sudden decelerations. Mechanical limit switches as standard and release lever with personal key. With the use of backup batteries, the 24V low voltage version ensures operation even during power failure.


1 Units Sliding Motor
4 Units Gear Racks
3 Units Remote Control

Main features

  • Speed 20 m/min on version SL1001A.24HS
  • Indipendent adjustable decelerations in opening and closing, available on SL1001A.24HS
  • Encoder permits safe and precise management of deceleration opening and closing, available on SL601A and SL1001A
  • Mechanical release with personal key
  • Easy to use and program, built-in, protected control board
  • 433MHz radio receiver built into the control board with removable memory available
  • Radio rolling-code to guarantee the maximum safety
  • Magnetic limit switches for opening and closing, available
  • Dimensions 270x350x145 mm